Character » Hellstrike appears in 144 issues.

    A former cop changed and given super powers by a passing Comet.

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    A Scottish Police Officer who fell in love with a woman by the name of Anne, who was his partner on the force. His lover Anne was killed by a man named O’Brienn while they were on a case at the museum.

    Nigel Keane was converted into the hero Hellstrike by a Comet that passed close to earth changing many people. He was later further evolved into another stage of mutation when Deathtrap, a Psi talent, blasted his mind, putting him in to a coma. When in the coma, Hellstrike's body became pure energy and exploded, blowing up most of Sky Watch Station. From that time on, Hellstrike had to wear a containment suit to keep his energy in check much like his teammate Fuji.


    Hellstrike has control over plasma and can use it to create plasma blasts and to fly. His powers have increased twice, first when he became pure energy and then again when they gave him a suit that amplified his powers. He has a face built into his containment suit to make him look more normal. The built-in face is something his teammate Fuji constantly makes fun of...


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