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Hellraiser Inferno, spoiler heavy review

This was a very dark story, not bad, actually quite good, but dark.

It basically centers around a more then slightly corrupt police detective, who snorts cocaine, cheats on his wife with prostitutes, and is competitive to an extreme, he is called to the crime scene of a murder, the victim being someone he knew from high school, the "weird" kid he bullied off the basketball team, there he finds a child's finger and "The Box".

The detective plays with the box, and it activates...

But unlike the usual Hellraiser movies, he is not immediately dragged to hell or made into a Cenobite.

But he is soon targeted by a serial killer, "The Engineer" who begins killing those who are connected to Joe (the cop)

Each time another of the child he is obsessed with saving's fingers is left on the crime scene.

The next murder is a prostitute he cheated on his wife with

Then a snitch he extorts for information.

Then his parents.

Then his partner.

Then his wife and daughter.

with only two fingers left it soon becomes apparent that the Engineer is reaching his end-game, and Joe is on the verge of defeat, but then Joe is forced to confront many of the Engineer's victims again, and is drawn to confront the Engineer himself, who Joe discovers to be the manifestation of his own dark impulses of the flesh, and the child to be the manifestation of his soul, his own Earthly desires manifested killed his soul, then him, making up the last two victims.

Plot Hole: Though it is apparent everything that happened after Joe activated The Box was an illusion created for his own personal Hell, there was a child's finger at the first (and only actual) murder, so why was one of his fingers at a crime scene not created by Pin-Head?

Take-Away: Joe was a scumbag, you grow to both hate and sympathize with him, when the ending rolls around, and it is clear he is eternally forced to relive deaths that may or may not have happened over and over for eternity, you end up feeling sorry for him, he is in a perpetual hell he can never escape.

Good movie, best Hellraiser since Hellbound.

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