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    Sandra Lords was magically empowered by Lucifer to fight his enemy Perg.

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    Lightning Comics

    Sandra Lords is the daughter of Matthew James Lords and Mary Elizabeth Lords. When Sandra went to college, she felt alone. She failed her first exams in all her classes. She had no real friends and was homesick. Then she met Michael Naymen, who quickly became her boyfriend and her grades went up. Early in December, Michael's father was killed in an automobile accident and he had to leave to take care of family matters. While Michael was gone, Heather, a girl from Sandra's dorm invited Sandra to her bible study group. That's when a satanic cult named Seventh Day attacked the girls. First they violated Heather, then they brainwashed Sandra. Upon Michael's return to campus, Sandra was programmed by the cult to kill him, which she did. More and more she rose through the ranks of the cult, until one day, during one of their rituals, Lucifer appeared and chose Sandra to be his pawn of vengeance against Perg. Lucifer transformed her into Hellina.

    Avatar Comics

    Sandra Lords is the daghter of Oliver Lords and Susan Lords. She was the victim of sexual molestation by her father. Starting when she was six, he came to her at night, six nights a week for six years, until she killed him. She later killed a priest who also tried to molest her. Her third victim was a wanna-be satanist, whose heart she used to call forth the demon Malazaar. She tricked him into giving her some of its power after which she became Hellina. And then she tried to kill the demon. Angered, the demon made Hellina sleep, while her innocent side, Sandra Lords, walks the Earth. Every time Malazaar needs Hellina, they switch souls.


    Hellina was created by Joseph Zyskowski for Lightning Comics. After Lightning Comics went bust, Hellina was sold to Avatar Press and later used in its imprint Boundless Comics.

    Character Evolution

    While she was called a 'bad girl', Hellina was fairly normal in her relationships. In Avatar, she became overly sexual, deriving pleasure and power from sexual intercourse. Also, Hellina originally had red hair at Lightning Comics. At Avatar, she immediately was a blond. Avatar also rewrote her origin.

    Major Story Arcs

    Campaign against Perg

    Hellina travels to Chicago to kidnap Perg's girlfriend Alli Moore. Despite some resistance from several men, she abducts Alli and takes her to Seventh Day to sacrifice her at one of their rituals. Perg comes to rescue her and drives his dagger into Hellina's forehead. The dagger is supposed to purge others from their sins. The dagger released her from the control of Lucifer.

    Revenge against Seventh Day

    Now free from her control, Hellina pays a visit to the Chicago headquarters of the Seventh Day to get revenge on them for her abduction. Attacking cult members, she comes across her old friend Heather, who seems to have been brainwashed as well. Hellina kills Heather nonetheless. And afterwards, their leader Father Mayhem.

    Short relapse to the dark side

    Abducted by the Seventh Day once again, Hellina is told a story about her origin. It is not known if the story is true of made up to lure Hellina back to the satanic cult. During childbirth, her mother Mary Elizabeth died and so did the newly born Sandra. In the hospital, her father Matthew is grief stricken. Seventh Day leader Father Mayhem approaches him and asks him if he is willing to give the soul of his daughter Sandra to Lucifer in return for the lives of his wife and daughter. Matthew agrees, thus sealing his daughter's soul's fate. Right after this story is told to Hellina, she relapses and once again becomes evil. It is short-lived however, when Perg reminds Hellina of her love Michael, she sees the error of her ways and reverts back to normal.


    A portion of her blood, retrieved by a demon in battle against Hellina, was used by a revived Father Mayhem to create a dark Hellina. Hellina fought her dark counterpart and ripped out her heart. But in doing so, banished herself to the underworld. There, she met Demonikka, who told her that Lucifer had placed a small portion of himself in Sandra Lords right after her birth. Wanting that portion of Lucifer's power for herself, Demonikka tries to retrieve it from a captured Hellina. However, the portion is too much for Demonikka to contain and brings her into contact with Lucifer himself. The two demons battled it out, allowing Hellina to escape to Earth.

    Hellina vs Pandora, round 1

    Now under the control of the demon Malazaar, Hellina steals the Seventh Horn from Pandora's vaults. The horn heralds the end of time. Hellina blows it prematurely, knowing full well it might destroy the universe. Fortunately, the horn must be blown by an angel to have full effect. All Hellina does is kill everyone in a twenty mile radius. Taking the horn to Hell, Lucifer gets his hands on it. He is a former angel and can destroy all life with one blow on the horn. With all the forces now fighting against Lucifer, Pandora stabs Lucifer with her mystical dagger Hope, banishing him to Pandora's Box. In the end, it is revealed that Hellina and Pandora worked together to get close to Lucifer in order to banish him.

    Hellina vs Pandora, round 2

    On the Southern Bahamas, scientists, working for Pandora, conduct experiments on dark matter. Hellina is working there as a scientific administrative assistant. When a supercollider accident opens a portal to the dark dimension, some of its inhabitants come through to this dimension. They inhabit the bodies of Hellina, Widow and Pandora's friend Molly, before they are purged from them by Pandora and Anathema. Hellina destroys the alien invaders by burning them. As a result of the brief possession by the alien invaders, Hellina has received new powers.


    Hellina's favorite weapon is an ordinary whip. She also uses a dagger named Satan's Tooth, which she can control telekinetically.


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