Mike Mignola: The Return To 'HellBoy'

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Fans of comic book writer/artist Mike Mignola (HellBoy ) may have caught G-Man's interview with him from last March at Wonder Con . The last time Comic Vine spoke to Mike, it seemed that a lot of his projects were really up in the air, and he had vaguely mentioned what he was working on in terms of ' HellBoy ',' but he didn't let on so much information regarding his other projects. This past week at the Saturn Awards, Mignola spoke to Sci Fi Wire and hinted at some more information regarding his current projects; many of which are not ' HellBoy ' related.

"I've got half a dozen stories that are not Hellboy-related,...I'm going to do that stuff and just some really odd stuff. Then I'm going to roll back into doing Hellboy myself."

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If you've been reading Hell Boy lately, then you probably have noticed that Mignola has not been doing all of the art work for the series, so this may come as very good news to fans of Mignola's work. The artist/writer expressed in the interview his excitement over the prospect of once more being the man behind the art of his 'Hell Boy' series.

"There's only so much that another artist can do with your story, but when you're in charge of the whole thing, there's a whole world of possibilities you can do," Mignola said. "Yeah, I'm very excited about it."

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I'm very excited too, actually. I think that fans of the series and comic book readers in general would all agree with me when I say that Mignola is an extremely talented artist as well as writer, and we would love to see him doing the art as well as the characterizations of his books once more. It sounds like he has a lot planned for 'Hell Boy,' as well as for many other projects that have nothing to o with his successful series; and that's great news! Mignola went on to talk about what he see for 'Hell Boy' now, and where he feels the story is at in general.

"Hellboy is in an extremely dark place, and where we go from that is still a very dark place, but it's going to have a little bit different personality than what I originally intended," he said. "It's going to go really, really dark, and then it's going to take a left-hand turn. So it'll still be dark, but it'll be a different kind of dark."

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When Comic Vine spoke to Mignola last, he sounded very excited about the occult detective series that he had been working on which would be set in the Hell Boy universe. In this latest interview, Mignola also dropped a few more hints about the book, Sir Edward Grey: Witchfinder, and the main character in his newest series, which will be released by Dark Horse today. Mignola said that Grey, the main protagonist in his new series, would be the first "supernatural hero.;" and he goes on to give us a little bit of background history regarding his new character.

'Witchfinder,' is a derogatory term, actually, for guys like Matthew Hopkins, who were basically hired to hang women who may or may not have been guilty," Mignola said. "This guy saved Queen Victoria's life from witches, so since he's done that, they've hung this title on him, Witchfinder, which he's not particularly fond of."

I have to say that it sounds pretty cool actually. I am very excited for the release of this new series, I feel like it would be really interesting to see how Mignola deals with an all new character and story line, yet having it set in an already very intricate and well established universe. Are you guys looking forward to this brand new series? Are you excited over the prospect of Mike returning as the artist of his highly successful 'Hell Boy' series?
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sounds fantastic, I've been liking Duncan Fregredo's art but I won't say no to Mignola doing the art again

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How about releasing the last tow issues of "The Wild Hunt?" It's been 2 or 3 months now.

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@inferiorego: Yea! But I am looking forward to the non hellboy related things as well.
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I love Mignola's stories and art. :)

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You serious?? He's coming back?? Thats fantastic!! I mean I like the other artists too, but Mike's the original Hellboy artist and the guy who created the character, so therefore he knows Hellboy inside and out. This is exciting indeed.

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This sounds like great news!  I absolutely love Mike Mignola's work in Hellboy and will gladly read his new series.  Glad to see he is coming back to his signature creation.

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Ditto: this is some good news!!!

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@Vortex13 said:
" @inferiorego: Yea! But I am looking forward to the non hellboy related things as well. "
Huh? What are you talking about? Hellboy's not featured, but it's still related to him and his universe.
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@Psychotime: I thought a while back he said he would be writing something that took place before Hellboy, but I guess your right I don't recall him saying it wasn't related to Hellboy
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I never knew who Hell Boy was until the movies, and I plan on reading some of these comics sometime soon. I hope they make another HellBoy movie!!! :)

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Mignola is a beast.

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