I wanted to start reading Hellboy and B.P.R.D.

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which trades should I read to start?

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to start getting into the flow of bprd you should start reading the trades in the correct order with each trade relying on you having knowledge of the group past adventures and mishaps with hellboy beeing the opstie with seed of destruction a vital read and then any other trade upto to island arc beeing easy to read past the island changed how hellboy is portraed. i perosnaly now enjoy bprd more than current hellboy issue with bprd beeing a comic that shows how a team rearly fucntion with all the members showinjg human problems and emotions. sorry for any spelling mistakes

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Yeah, Hellboy is really easy to get into. You really can pick it up at the beginning of any new arc. BPRD is a little trickier, you really have to know what's been going on.

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Hellboy has no strict reading order for the most part,you can pick up any trade and go from there, it's just you get a slightly more full filling reading experience in you read it in order, but B.P.R.D. has a linear narrative that you need to read in order

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Thanks some of those trades are at the library and the rest I'll just buy myself.

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so could anyone tell me the order of all the miniseries?

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  • Seed of Destruction
  • Wake the Devil
  • Masks and Monsters
  • The Chained Coffin
  • The Right Hand of Doom
  • Conquer Worm ( This is the point to start reading B.P.R.D.)
  • Strange Places
  • The Troll Witch
  • Darkness Calls
  • The Wild Hunt
  • The Crooked Man
  • Hollow earth
  • Plague of frogs
  • The death
  • The black flame
  • The universal machine
  • The Garden of Souls
  • Killing ground
  • The warning
  • The Black Goddess
  • War on Frogs
  • King of Fear
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