Hellboys arm..?

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On the Right Hand of Doom page, it says "Finally, because it is so heavy Hellboy must have great strength on his right arm at all time which requires constant exercise."

That dosent make sense does it? A persons body will naturally compensate for extra weight on one's arm. Would he really need to be working out at the gym so he could lift up his own appendages? I could be wrong, but surely demons bodies are fairly similair in muscle structure to ours...?

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I've been to the Hellboy page, but not the "Right Hand of Doom", and last time I was at the Hellboy page it was all messed up maybe thats just how it is for the Right Hand of Doom page as well. But you're right Hellboy doesn't need to work out all the time to lift his arm, he has super strength so he doesnt really need to work out all that much.

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Looks like the Hellboy page has been edited and is now accurate since the last time I saw it, (which was about a year ago).

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does the Hand stay the same size or does it grow with him? It would be very difficult for an infant to move around with a adult-sized, stone hand.

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hehe. trying to put details which aren't there and logic into a fantasy world. come on now.

hellboy doesn't have super strength btw, Vortex13. he is only supposed to have the strength of a regular really strong man, a natural strength. mignola once said he is as strong as his dad (mignola's father), whom the whole character is based on.

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