Hellboy Becomes The Next Comic Online Casino Star

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Last month we found out that Superman had entered the world of online gambling.  Today I came across some news that Hellboy has decided to join in on the fun as well.  Hellboy is the latest character to join Microgaming's line of character driven games.
The Hellboy game is a video slot machine and features Hellboy characters such as Liz Sherman, Abe Sapien and Johann Kraus.  Here is a video clip showing how the game works.
This once again brings up the question, should comic book characters be used to endorse gambling?  While Hellboy may be a character suited towards more "mature" readers and isn't as kid friendly as Superman, is that enough of a distinction?  Is this a good or bad sign for comics.  
One way to look at it is other industries are accepting the growing importance of comic books.  The fact is, this company felt Hellboy was a big enough draw to (most likely) throw some money at Mike Mignola and Dark Horse in order to use the character.  Gambling tends to have a bad connotation.  Should the owner of a property be more selective about how they license their characters?  Should it simply fall upon the individual to make their own decisions over this hobby?
What are your thoughts on comic book characters venturing into the world of gambling?  Does it make a difference to you if your favorite character appears on a gambling game?  Would it influence your decision to actually partake in gambling?  What character do you think will be next?
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I'm sorry, but Kraus just looks like a used condom, especially here.

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 I don't agree with it.
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This has to be stupid idea.
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I don't know about this, hard to say.  I don't gamble, yet--I don't know.  Having Superman as part of an online gambling deal is kind of weird.   
It'd be hard to resist an offer for $ if it were offered to me for such a deal if I were a comic book company or creator.
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I may be just two years away from legal gambling age in my state but this really excites me 
I love playing card games (Texas Hold 'Em) with friends and family 
don't know about Superman though 
Hellboy is perfect

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Well they do already  have slot machines on terminator, jaws, Star wars, star trek, classic horror  and so why not have some superheroes or comics pulled it. If your going to gamble and like comics then you might want to play superman. Duh. I think they should do the joker defiently or least heath ledgers dark version. God guys its ok because superheroes are not like fucking barney or  mcdonald becoming slot machines in which I say no to that.
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agreed with you 100%. ive been to all the big ones, and a ton of little ones around the states.
seeing any iconic character/franchise on a slot is nothing shocking. it would be more shocking
to not see a slot/keno machine of something out there.
and its Hellboy. he has a full grown pot plant, nuff said.
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