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I thought this would be a good topic to bring up. What are your opinions of the two animated movies and various related comic books released? I have both films and find them enjoyable but Sword of Storms was much better paced IMO. I also think the universe they have created through the comics and movies is a great offshoot of the original Hellboy universe. It keeps the feel but with a new twist, I especially love the way Abe is handled, they made him such a badass compared to the movie version. Glad everyone returned to do their voices as well.

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I loved the Hellboy movie with the Vampire and Werewolves. Those are my bread and butter. An Abe is the coolest character on the show and in the movie.

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Loved both animated movies but love Blood & Iron the most because it has elements taken from one of my favorite Hellboy stories: Wake the Devil.

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I bought the first dvd but haven't had the time to watch it. I'm sure I'll pick up the second too. I have faith that it'll be good.

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the movies animated movies are great, good stories and art work by mike mignola himself. cant go wrong with that.

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i kinda liked the comics, didnt like the movie, or the animated movies.

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