anyone else pick up the Hellboy/Beasts of Burden crossover?

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I was just browsing through my comic shop last week, I hadn't been in for a month or so. I have been busy. But I had some time to kill before the Giants game, so rode with my brother and his wife downtown. and while they were at the bar I walked across the street to My favorite Comic Shop, not really intending to spend any money i was just going to go in an check out what i've been missing. I happen to spot this in the DarkHorse section. 

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Now i have never read a "Beasts of Burden" comic, but i frequently pick up the Hellboy one-shots. And I thought to myself what the hell it's just three fifty, and it will give me something to do until the Giants play. So i bought. I read it and I love it. I have read it probably ten times now. and I'm planning on picking up more "Beasts of Burden" issues. I'm already a Hellboy fan, but now i think im a BOB fan as well.
anyone else like this issue? anyone else become BOB fans because of it?
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didn't even know beasts of burden was a comicbook. I picked this up a couple of days ago. slowly getting up to date on hellboy after many years (had everything up to darkness calls issue 4, so 2007) and buying up everything hellboy and bprd. I'm just about finished buying stuff now (only missing the latest bprd minis, king of fear and the hell on earth things). so will start reading stuff very soon. evan dorkin is a very cool guy at least, so there is that. good to see someone liked this.

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