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Will Hellboy Survive This Adventure?

The story set in the year 1966 concludes. Hellboy has to deal with some major vampire trouble. 

The Good 

As with the first part of this story, the art and color really stand out and sets the mood for this story. The fog in the background almost feels like it pours off the page and gives you a chill as you read. The detail in the background is great and the way the reds pop out of each page really grabs your attention. 
There's a lot of Hellboy fighting action picking up from the last issue. The nice thing about the Hellboy comics is the way they're presented in miniseries formats. It makes it easier to follow along and lets you know where the story begins and ends. 

The Bad 

I enjoyed the first part of this story. There is a lot of action here but it all feels like it ends abruptly.  Being part 2 of 2, you know the end is coming. There's also the fact that this takes place in 1966 so that gives an idea of any lasting repercussions. There is some closure to the story but it was the way the battle suddenly ended that threw me off. There is an explanation and perhaps it's better to have an ending you might not have seen coming. I just expected a little more. 

The Verdict 

These two issues combined deliver a nice neat little story. The art really boosts the story by adding chills to the atmosphere as you read. It's great seeing a flashback story to see what adventures Hellboy had before his current ones. The story may end but I'm curious to see if there will be any effects coming in later stories.

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