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Hellboy Vs Vampires...More Than Enough Reason to Pick This Up

Hellboy comes across a vampire and learns of a bigger threat to come. Can he survive this encounter and prevent the looming threat? 

The Good 

This is a Hellboy story taking place in 1966. Technically this is issue #51 but, as you may know, the Hellboy stories are told in miniseries format. This has been a great way to keep the stories contained and eases the problem of making sure a firm release schedule is maintained.  
The Sleeping and the Dead is a story that is easily accessible to all readers. Hellboy is in Suffolk, England and is on the trail of a vampire. Determined to deal with this vampire leads to the discovery that a vampire apocalypse is on the horizon. Hellboy isn't one to take advice from others and will handle things his own way.  
Mike Mignola's story combined with Scott Hamton delivers the perfect combination in a gothic horror story. You can almost feel the chill of the night as Hellboy walks through the woods in search of his prey. Dave Stewart's colors is the cherry on top and makes this a feast for you eyes. Stewart's colors are subdued with the exception of the red used for Hellboy...and the blood.  

The Bad 

Knowing that this is just a two-issue story makes it easier to commit to but also lets you know things will (most likely) be resolved in the next issue. 

The Verdict 

Hellboy stories are always fun. Despite being a tale from the past, you still get a sense of something big about to occur. The explanation of the state of vampires and what could be just around the corner is the perfect set up in keeping you on the edge of your seat. Hellboy comes in, gun blazing...just as you'd want him. Hampton's art and Stewart's colors gives Mignola's story a brilliant presentation. With a story easily accessible to readers, this is a Hellboy story anyone can enjoy.  
Check out the first few pages to get an idea what to expect. 

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