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Art = Win, Script = eh.

 Hellboy contains many things I love (like references to Lovecraft and the occult), but what stands up above everything is the amazing art. Were there an Absolute-like Hellboy, it would be well worth the average DC Absolute edition cost just to see the art in DC Absolute edition quality. Oh well, I shall have to make due with what Dark Horse provides me with. It's gorgeous already, so I'm already winning whenever I look at the pages of this trade.
Unfortunately, although I love the art and love the story and themes, I found the script to be rather lacking on numerous occasions. Hellboy and Abe have the same voice, for the most part. Hopefully, as the series progresses the characters are developed more and Hellboy and Abe have distinct voices and personalities.
But, I'm still hooked even with the not-always-stellar script. 

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