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Hellboy, Nazis and Frogs

The Nazis are trying some paranormal magic to summon a creator to help them in the war. USA government find Hellboy, who was sent by the Nazis, but raised in the B.P.R.D.


This Issue is kinda special [not only because it is the first Hellboy issue] but also because it combines two stories: one from the past, about how Hellboy got here, and two - nowadays.

The story from the past is great. I found it creative and a little bit crazy....the Nazis bringing him here....


In the second story, we find alot of fighting, against some big weird looking frog. The fighting is good and thrilling, not too short, not too long. Also it's better and more thrilling that the first Hellboy movie, which contains the same parts. I'm surprised about the drawing, I thought that I won't like it because it's a comic book from 1994. But I was wrong. Great drawing.


Generally, a GREAT issue to start reading from. It's the first one, and it's not old and boring. I recommend to those of you who watched Hellboy [and those who didn't] to read this...Hellboy is a great super-hero :]


[By the way - a short myth from this issue is on my blog: 

http://www.comicvine.com/myvine/purekiwi/an-african-myth-about-a-frog/87-69181/    ]

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