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Hellboy Junior is a lesser demon in Hell with a rock arm. He is constantly getting bored and allowing those around him to get him into mischief. One such source of trouble is deceased dictator Hitler, as well as a bird with a face for a body.

Maggots, Maggots, Everywhere

While sitting around in Hell, Hellboy Junior was grumbling about how sick he was of having nothing to eat but maggots. Hitler was boiling nearby, and had information to offer up about where to find better food. Hellboy was intrigued, and agreed to let the starving dictator have his maggot in exchange for information. Hitler told Hellboy Junior that the elevator near the locker room goes all the way up to the Darkwood. Hellboy Junior decided to go for it.

After finally reaching the top floor, Hellboy Junior was greeted by a headless man and Cerebus the three headed dog. In the woods he found a baby centaur to eat, but was thwarted by the centaur's mother. The centaur's father wanted to help Hellboy Junior, but he punched the male centaur and ran off. Later Hellboy Junior spotted a rabbit. He struck the rabbit, not realizing that the rabbit was much larger than him. The rabbit did die, but a park ranger told him that he couldn't keep the body. Hellboy Junior begged so the ranger gave him an egg which hatched into another maggot.

Finally resigning to eat another maggot rather than starve, Hellboy Junior removed a tree-branch from a nearby tree to cook the maggot with. The tree screamed, and the parents (the trees that live) approached with the flowers and Slag in order to kill Hellboy Junior. He ran all the way back to the elevator and went back to Hell hoping that no one would notice his absence.

Back in Hell, Hellboy Junior found his fire-pit paved over, and a flesh restaurant built up in its place. He went to order something, but Hitler the new cashier told him that in order to gain this better position he had to betray Hellboy Junior to the other Devils, and that Hellboy Junior's punishment was to eat nothing but maggots for all eternity. Hellboy Junior grabbed a knife to peel Hitler's skin off (which wasn't due until the end of Hitler's shift).


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