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In THE FEAR MACHINE, collecting HELLBLAZER #14-22, Constantine looks for a way to reconnect to humanity — but how can such a man ever find inner peace? Constantine finds himself encamped with a new-age pagan group that's tapping into their own psychic abilities — but a defense contractor is out to exploit their powers. Is the company's aim just political, or is it something much more sinister?

Back Blurb

John Constantine is on the run. A bloody battle with sinister forces has landed his face on the front pages and left him framed for murder. Looking for a new start --- and a place to hide out --- he hooks up with a countryside commune of nature-loving nomads. Before long, this archetypal London lad is living off the grid and loving it.


But the power of the Earth attracts more than just peaceful pagans. Amid the great stone circles of Britain lurks a terrifying force. And through the technology of a ruthless corporation, an ancient secret society seeks to unleash this entity and generate a brutal new world order --- using Constantine's new friends as the trigger.

Soon Constantine is caught up in a conspiracy that reaches to the highest levels of government. To stop it he'll need the skills of a disgraced cop, a radical journalist, an ex-Soviet spy, a lover he betrayed, and a strange little girl with extra-ordinary powers. Will they succeed? Or will Constantine and everyone he cares about wind up as fuel for the Fear Machine?

Collecting the classic storyline by legendary HELLBLAZER writer JAMIE DELANO and artists RICHARD PIERS RAYNER (ROAD TO PERDITION), MIKE HOFFMAN (SWAMP THING) and MARK BUCKINGHAM (FABLES), this tale of terror and political intrigue is an unforgettable occult epic of truly sweeping stories.

General Notes

A new edition was released June 20, 2012 to coincide with the newly formatted trade paperbacks for the series.


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Long live Ley Lines! 0

What I enjoyed most of the Jamie Delano Hellbazer run was how his John Constantine was rooted in Pseudosciences and occult practices that you can learn more about from the "right" kind of shops.    In this book Jamie Delano plays on the big thing at that time, which were Ley Lines.   An alleged alignments of a number of places geological points of interests, where it is believe d to have a path of energy.  Think of it as a blood stream of the earth where good or bad energy can move along these l...

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