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This volume features some of Constantine's earliest adventures by writer Jamie Delano, including his first victory in the long war with the demon Nergal and an encounter with a strange woman who is the embodiment of the world's horrors, painted by V FOR VENDETTA co-creator David Lloyd.

Back Blurb

To Hell and Back

It's been a long and difficult road for John Constantine --- one that's left him with demo's blood in his veins and dead friends' voices in his head.

Still, with his sharp tongue and unequaled shrewdness, the sorcerer from Liverpool has managed to raise himself to a position as rarefied as it is dangerous: being the magician of last resort for a world under constant siege from the forces of chaos and evil. That same rough path has also sharpened his mind, and taught him a thing or two about ruthlessness. Now, with the outcome of an ancient prophecy hanging on his actions, it's time for Constantine to brgin the scales of justice back in to balance --- at hell's expense.

Continuing the collection of original HELLBLAZER writer JAMIE DELANO'S celebrated run on this signature VERTIGO series THE DEVIL YOU KNOW reprints issues 10-13 and the first ANNUAL of the groundbreaking title as well as the acclaimed 2-issue Prestige Format miniseries THE HORRORIST, illustrated by V FOR VENDETTA creator David Lloyd.


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