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Just okay.

Everyone who I have ever talked to about Hellblazer loves it. It's John's 300 issue epic which has him doing everything with an attitude that screams cool. Since they are now reprinting the whole series from the start and at this moment are at issue 96 I believe. This covers the first nine and two issues from Swamp Thing, with a different creative team.

The Good

Delano seems to have taken a page from Moore's Swamp Thing and decided to go with the prose-y poetry overload. It's a rather hard thing to pull off and he does a pretty decent job with it. His Constantine has a nice dark edge to it that shows that he'll do what he needs to do when it comes down to it, which comes into play about three times in these issues. They're nice little character bits that really do what they should do, help define Constantine. The ending story to the first story and last of the nine issues are done very well.

The art is quite good at drawing demons and has a good sense of atmosphere, which helps in a horror(ish) comic like this.

The Bad

Delano seems to really want to talk about politics more than Constantine. There's a decent sized conversation about AIDS that has both aged horribly and comes off as a rich white kid trying to talk about stuff he has no clue about. While he does pull off the poetry narration at times it's way, way, way too much and at other times it's just awkward. The stories themselves seem to drag on a bit too long and I got bored rather quickly.

Ridgway's Constantine looks horribly disfigured at times, like straight up ugly. At other times it just looks weird. Not a fan at all, he isn't on the next issues though so, it isn't that big a deal.

My verdict

Hellblazer is a great series, it's start just isn't quite there yet. What you get here is a really 80's story in the worst way, but like all stories with potential it has a couple of moments that display true and utter brilliance.

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