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    In this title collecting issues #292-300 and HELLBLAZER ANNUAL #1, a series of murders sends Constantine to Ireland in search of his long-lost nephew. But after a séance with his late sister, Constantine finds that there might be more connections between his nephew and the murders than meets the eye?

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    John Constantine is certainly no stranger to death --- he has escaped, cheated, narrowly avoided and even reversed his expiration on multiple occasions over the past 25 years. Yet a prophetic vision of his own ultimate demise has left the occult detective just a bit edgy...

    But first, Constantine and his beautiful, young wife Epiphany must journey to Ireland to track down his long-lost nephew, an alleged occultist serial killer driven bad by blighted Constantine blood. A peculiar cult, pissed of faeries, and an old, hungry ghost all await Constantine in the Emarald Isle. John has found ways to skirt death so many times before --- has this con man's luck run out?

    Also featuring the Hellblazer Annual, "Suicide Bridge", a haunting tale of evil and melancholy that find John using his occult connections to learn why so many young people are going missing.

    It's the heart-ending conclusion of Vertigo's John Constantine. Hellblazer, as the acclaimed team of Peter Milligan (JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK), Simon Bisley (THE AUTHORITY), Giuseppe Camuncoli (SWAMP THING) and Stefano Landini (HOUSE OF MYSTERY) present HELLBLAZER: DEATH AND CIGARETTES. Collects issues #292-300 and ANNUAL #1.


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