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This Isn't Hell Because I'm the President

This review is made in honor of the recent Hellblazer #273 as a way of comparing the current era of the series to those of the past...this issue was chosen because it's exactly 200 issues from the current one, the review is short (and sweet I hope) as just a simple way to get the idea across and to compare to Hellblazer #273 which should have a review up soon (if not up already) by me. If you want a better picture of this issue in review form, or my thoughts on this era, I have reviewed in greater detail the previous issue and recommend you check it out as well:

The second part to Ennis' American horror continued to make things interesting, Ennis definitely earned his reputation as a great writer and Damnation's Flame was a fine example of it, he never did top Dangerous Habits for me and his run did have its downs but Damnation's Flame was still one of his better arcs for me and I felt what he did with his American Hell (and specifically JFK which came in full force next issue) was superb. However, one thing that I do find humorous is that both this arc and the first eighteen issues of another Vertigo title of the time (Shade the Changing Man) dealt with the horrors of America (and again, JFK) and yet both writers were British. Makes me wonder if JFK was still a hot topic in the US back in the early 90's or that was just the UK's impression. Not that it matters much in the grand scheme, because the stories are still intriguing today...just something I thought about. Although Dillon's art (which I don't hate but don't adore either) doesn't hold a candle to the artists on the series now: Camuncoli/Landini and Bisley and although I also enjoy Bloody Carnations more then Damnation's Flame in the writing department, it's a much closer fight while the art is the factor that definitely puts the current issues higher on my list.

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