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The Horror Magazine of the month. The Living Trench Coat Ep. 2

Peter Milligan's writing maintains its solid narrative.  I really enjoyed this issues "horror" magazine angle with Halloween around the corner.  There is something about Hellblazer in October that is like Pumpkin Pie and Thanksgiving, it really completes the experience.  This issue is part of an arc, but the issues' narrative is strong enough for it to be an enjoyable read as a halloween treat and would really recommend it as a pick up for someone who wants a horror tale, because this horror tale is set in our world and that is what makes it scarier.

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The only problem I had with the book was the choice of guest artist.  I have nothing personal with Gael Bertrand, he illustrated the narrative well, the problem I have with his art is his Constantine.  I feel he draws John to young looking, which throws off the overall continuity, since this story is told in the jacket's narrative and the last issue was told in the same perspective, so the continuity is thrown a little.  I don't know why the guest artist was used, since metatext-wise I felt it threw off the book.  May be it was Milligan's way to strengthen the  presence of the female characters  who starts the off with John's coat at the beginning of the issue.  The issue itself had more ladies in it then men, so may be the artist change was suppose to have that "Softer" touch. If it wasn't for the younger looking John, I might actually believe in that soft touch theory, but in reality, the continuity is hurt a little by it.
I really love that Milligan personifies the trench coat and look forward to the rest of the story in the coming months.
- Silkcuts

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