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John + John = ?

I think this review may end up being shorter then previous months because I've been really busy lately and apart from actually reading this issue, I haven't had much time to enjoy myself but I'm trying to find the time to quickly write this baby up just to remind everyone this series still exists. So I apologize to anyone who was expecting an epic review on the scale of my past months, it's not because my enthusiasm for the series wanes, it fact I'd say it waxes but I just am not in the right circumstances to bust out a reviewing spree of my usual caliber.
My main comments to bring forth from this issue are actually both about established Hellblazer characters that Milligan has shown us in this issue. In John Constantine's story that character is Nergal, one of JC's longest-lasting foes. His actions in this issue proved that a) he's possibly misogynistic and not to messed with and more importantly b) that he must have some bigger role coming in this run and I for one can't wait, it has me all the more enthusiastic for the upcoming #275 anniversary issue (since it is my suspicion he is one of the characters alluded to in the solicit). And in Epiphany's story, I loved the small appearance from Cheryl and Gemma...admittedly since it takes place in the past it doesn't necessarily change anything but it did bring about a side of John I'm not sure I knew existed and caught me by surprise...for the record, although I can't say it made me respect him more, I liked that this arc has helped show us just how much Constantine has developed over the years and helps prove the benefits of real-time aging in stories, especially when done over decades. All in all, this series continues to sit at the top of my anticipated releases every month, the combination of both one of the greatest writers and some of the best artists in Hellblazer history is making for a run that I hope lasts for twenty-five more issues! 
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For those of you who follow my Hellblazer reviews consistently, you were possibly expecting me to continue what I began last month in linking you to full reviews on five Hellblazer issues from different eras (all within fifty-issue gaps of the current issue). Unfortunately, I could not find the time to do them full-length this month if I wanted to review the issue the week it came out but I did write up brief little thoughts on each issue, for the most part echoing thoughts expressed in the previous month as there weren't any drastic change ups in any of those stories between this and last month. Below are links to the other reviews I wrote in honor of this one as mentioned in the first paragraph:
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