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Run, Forrest, Run!

Every month when Hellblazer Week comes around I try and show people the light that this has for the past few months been one of the best monthlies on shelves right now and although I don't ever get the droves and herds of people I'd like reading and discussing this twisted tale I do get the occasional believer and for me that one person that gets baptized into the Constantine Church every month is enough to keep me proclaiming it's praises.
So it should come as no surprise to you that once again I found this issue to be top's the conclusion to the four-part Sectioned arc that began in #267. As the beautiful cover from this month plainly displays, this arc served the purpose of bringing an old Vertigo favorite back into the current day universe, however at the end of this issue a secondary development was made. Constantine says something you never thought he would, has fifty-seven years taken its toll on our cynical hero and lead him to consider turning away from a life of madness? I guess we'll have to wait for the next arc to get that question...
But what of our John's ally/enemy Shade, the Changing Man? Is he here for good? Truth be told I have no idea, Milligan has said in an interview he hasn't decided yet but he's definitely not finished with yet. He was absolutely superb in this issue, he's the Shade I remember!
I can't give too many details about the issue without spoilers considering it is a conclusion of course but one thing I found very interesting was when we realized who was responsible for John's descent into insanity I flipped back through the first issue of this arc and sure enough there he was. Why it hadn't registered month's earlier proved to me the beauty of Milligan incorporating new characters into John's story. If he'd used someone I knew from an earlier issue there would have been no mystery, yet that he could so blatantly give us the answer before we even formed the question is awesome! And it was only chance (in that I wanted to see the way the flashback sequence was originally written) that caused me to go back and notice this point of interest.
And as much as I love the writing let us not forget Camuncoli and Landini's beautiful art, it works very well with the crazy colors brought in by such characters as Shade and I think it's definitely one of my favorite art-styles from the 125 issues of Hellblazer I have currently read.
So should you read this...give me a good reason why you shouldn't?

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