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Madness---sheer Madness

John Constantine is going mad.  He believe the world is disappearing because he thinks he killed a friend and the "Gods" are punishing him.
The Good
This issue is captivity right from the cover to the last panel.  Because of the hype of Peter Milligan's past work, with Shade the Changing Man and now it is slowly being fully collected, many Shade fans have been looking forward to more Shade.  In past issues Peter Milligan has set us up in reminding us all he has written Shade; he does this by having Kathy, a former Shade character, appear early in his Hellblazer run.  Once going back and remembering this fact, we also remember Peter Milligan has written John in Shade, there past have crossed before.
This issue is written like a Shade issue, it is a trip on the senses.  It is hard to say if Shade is truly present in the issue, but this for sure is that his presence is know.  His trade mark Madeness Vest is warping John's reality.  This subtle detail adds more detail to those who know the characters well, but the issue is laid out so it doesn't confuse the reader.  These psychedelic images help set the mood of the madness in which John Constantine is suffering. 
This makes a nice jump on point since the last arcs seem pretty wrapped up.
The cliff-hanger ending will make anyone reading this comeback for more.
The Bad
Some of the little details are lost if you are not familiar with the Peter Milligan Shade series.  The art is is fine, but an arc as good as this is shaping to be, it would look nicer under past Shade artist  Chris Bachalo as a guest artist or co-artist.
 The worst part is it will be at least a month to get the next part.

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