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Andy Diggle sends a Message In A Bottle.

  Andy Diggle sends a Message In A Bottle.

What I mean by this is that Andy Diggle knows John Constantine very well.  A little fact not every comic fan knows, but all should, John Constantine was originally intended to look like British Pop-Rocker Sting.  Some writers of Hellblazer play upon this inside joke and this issue is one of them.
The Premise is that there is another villain now chasing John Constantine.  This blood-mage villain comes from Africa.  Diggle is clever to name him Mako.  Most will think of the Shark, which is referenced later in the run, but Mako is a town in Ethiopia. I also found it funny when researching Makó, a town in Hungary.  This villain can also be seen as a play on words with "Hungry"  since he must eat his victims to absorb their life force.
Mako is hunting John down because an old Shaman from John's Past had dreams of the "Laughing Magician". The Laughing Magician is theory is the "Great balance" or Savior if you will.  Mako wants to absorbs the Laughing Magician's life force, but to protect John the Shaman "bottles" up all his important memories of John and sends it to John.
This issues really is part of the Laughing Magician arc since it is its prelude.  This issue is important to the Laughing Magician arc.  It is a must read. 
- Silkcuts

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