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Wait, What, This Happened?

This review is made in honor of the recent Hellblazer #273 as a way of comparing the current era of the series to those of the past...this issue was chosen because it's exactly 50 issues from the current one, the review is short (and sweet I hope) as just a simple way to get the idea across and to compare to Hellblazer #273 which should have a review up soon (if not up already) by me. If you want a better picture of this issue in review form, or my thoughts on this era, I have reviewed in greater detail the previous issue and recommend you check it out as well:

Does the fact that I forgot this issue even existed say something for its quality? I sure hope it does because I don't have much else to say about it. I always divided Mina's run into Empathy is the Enemy and The Red Right Hand but I guess she did "contribute" to the Hellblazer story in another way...with Map. Map is a character I often think of as a "could have been something completely different concept". This is because he was actually created by Warren Ellis and unlike most of the supporting cast of the series, he wasn't fleshed out by his creator but rather a later writer (Mike Carey) it leaves to question what he was meant to become. However, it is in this story that we do find out what he becomes...but to be honest, I don't really feel like anything happened. If you think of what things were like before the issue and after, really, I think as a reader my view of Map hasn't changed. Again, that just might be limited to me but I've read some great one-shot character portraits (Demo Vol. 2 comes to trade in MARCH!!!!!) and this one just didn't do anything...yes there was a story but no development...again, a completely forgettable issue...not recommended.

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