asymmetrical's Hellblazer #222 - Empathy Is The Enemy (Part 7) review

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Anyone Empathetic Enough to Kill Me Right Now?

I mean, seriously! Remember when I said The Fear Machine was too long at nine issues? Empathy is the Enemy is WAY too long at seven issues, I was ecstatic to put this story behind me, unfortunately that excitement didn’t exist whilst actually reading the comic. Admittedly, there was some somewhat interesting stuff but for the most part not so much.

The “villain” was a complete wanker and annoyed me throughout and John was hardly himself for the most part…I mean I liked the ending in some ways, I found the idea of a world where people are so overcome with empathy that they are all driven to suicide to be worth a good story or two, unfortunately that’s the END of the seven-issue arc…I mean seriously, in seven issues nothing exciting is done and then we get a cliffhanger that's better then the entire story? Ugh.

I don’t really recommend this arc or run at all, the two are combined and the pros don’t really outweigh the cons, if you are a hardcore Constantine or Vertigo enthusiast maybe give it a look, but not if you’re looking for the best.

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