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A Long Day

Three stories, three sons, three artists, lots of mistery, pain, omens, blood, a nice broad (scary, but beautiful), all that in just one day, one day that Constatine gives to a demon that works for Nergal, the pact was made, but the price wasn´t said, because it´s only told Constantine´s part in the story, never what he gained by doing so. The fact is that Carey is probably one of the best writers of Helblazer, because he´s not afraid of using the magician side of Constantine, constantly pushing the envelope for those creepy kind of stories, involving magic and demons, just like this one. Also the way he developed the family side of Constantine, leaving hints that there was definitely something strange in it, at the same time he made John feel some peace and happiness in all that, perhaps that was his side of the bargain. The creative team of Dillon, Frusin and Manco are excellent, each one representing a different age of the character and all of them were meaninfull artists that added so much to this tittle. I love comemorative issues and the number 200 really stands out for itself and this was a good comic book, a little overwhelming at first, especially because you don´t know what´s going on, like "Constantine is married? With a kid? What´s going on?", but later on the story moves foward with a good pace and you understand almost everything. The best thing in this issue, aside from the art, is the narrative represented by Constantine´s captions, some of the dialogues are pretty good too. But I guess this was a little rushed, it could be material for a 3 to 5 issues, and putting it all in just one compromised the story. Highly recommended for Constantine´s fans.
4 out 5

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