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Tools Of the Trade

John is standing at the Cliffs of Dover still unable to remember his past,Peter is in a hotel with the whole Chandler family bound and gagged as he puts the young grandchild Trish in a sportsbag. John stumbles through a forest as he comes upon a glowing door,Peter leaves the hotel with the sports bag to find John due to putting a tracer on him.He step through the door to see several demons eating human remains,Rosacarnis summons him to the head of the room but a demon steps in his way stating he was a sworn brother to Nergal as he gets destroyed by rosacarnis.Chas tries to signal for help but ultimaly fails,as he sits with Rosacarnis she reveals that she was the little girl Rose and that she can return his memories if he will work for her just one day.He says no and that he rather no remember at all as he walks out the doors directly into Peter's fist,he wakes up in the Chandler's hotel room with Peter holding a shotgun. Peter tells him that he was sent by God to mold John into a new man,he then tells states he must kill one of the family.John takes the sportsbag and throws it out the window into a piegon's nest,once Peter looks away John thumbs his eyes out and shoots him with the gun.John sets off the fire alarm and run away,Rosacarnis seems very pleased at the turn of events as she resquests Peter's soul to dine on.
Chris Brunner does some ok art work but ive seen him do much better.
Favorite Quotes
Rosacarnis-Our guest of honor,John Constantine!
John-This was his life,wasnt it?he'd have been right at home here.Why in the name of christ would you think id want it back.
Carey continues to bring up all the elements i guess we will see in future issues as he introduces us to a nice and kind John

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