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Deep in London, a Bussiness man is questioned by a larger attacker who taunts him of intimate family knowledge right before he cuts him up into bloody pieces.An amnesia stricken John is wondering through a very battle torn London, he runs into a girl named Rose with burns on her arm and they both head to a hospital.Once there they check in as john tells them he cant remember much but decides to use a name he sees on a Clipboard,Leo Summer as they escort him to ward 24 the psychiatric ward.The murderer pretends he is there to pick up John as the orderly tells him where he is held,John is brough to Doctor Miles Bradshaw's office as he admits he lied about his name promting the Doctor to order a background check.Rose is taken to the burn ward as the murderer approaches John stating he is a mystery and wants to know who he is.As he reveals he can read minds, the staff tries to remove him away from John but he makes a hasty escape.Doctor Miles is shocked when he discovers John has a police file and is listed as dead,He then performs hypnosis on John triggering memories of Gabriel, Jack Of The Green,Nergal ,Astra, Ironfist,Slag and his own red eyed demon self.Rose then enters and kills the Doctor with a pair of scissors,he comes to with the bloody scissors in his hand as she states he will be blamed for the murder. Terrified, and still mired in the depths of his amnesia, Constantine flees the hospital.  
Manco has a style that is perfect for Hellblazer and I can see why he soon will become full time artist. 
Favorite Quotes 
Murderer-Killing someone with a gun,Thats like shagging with a rubber on 
Rose-In here,Wheres Yours? 
John-Everything is broken 
Not bad for an aftermath issue and it gives off an aura of mystery.Carey is now in the middle of his run and it setting up the pieces for what I am sure will be another epic storyline.

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