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Magic War

Knee deep into the search for Gemma, John goes to visit a friend named Scrape who just 4 months earlier dissappeared. Later at a Mansion Joshua Wright and his boss discuss Scrape and John's return from the dead. Chas and John go to visit Clairce who isnt much help at all. They then visit Map who wants nothing to do with John or anyone else. At an unknown location several big magic players discuss the 'Sepulchre" and why John is a potential threat. John discovers that Scrape is alive, only to be attacked when walking to his hotel. Once he gets there Map gives him some advice and leaves him with a video tape. Gemma appears on the tape and says she's got some friends who are really keen to meet him.
Frusin does some very gory scenes at an expert level 
Favorite Quotes 
Chas-This bloke you wanted to see turns out dead,too. You'd probably have loads to talk about. 
John-Too many clues. Too obvious. It all smells. 
Clarice-I thought you knew everything, dear. Thats always been your charm. 
Mrs Perkins-Have you been in some sort of fight? 
John- No, I swallowed a razor blade for a Bat, Mrs Perkins and it all went horribly wrong. 
I love the fact Carey is using many of the characters from the great Ellis run. This is shaping up to be everything i heard about and more. Plus John is using Magic spells which he rarely did in Azzarello or Ellis run.

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