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Man-on-Man Action!

This review is made in honor of the recent Hellblazer #273 as a way of comparing the current era of the series to those of the past...this issue was chosen because it's exactly 100 issues from the current one, the review is short (and sweet I hope) as just a simple way to get the idea across and to compare to Hellblazer #273 which should have a review up soon (if not up already) by me. If you want a better picture of this issue in review form, or my thoughts on this era, I have reviewed in greater detail the previous issue and recommend you check it out as well: 

Ah, this is where Azzarello's Hellblazer begins to take a few missteps for me, whereas I loved the last issue and felt it answered many, if not all, of the questions raised during Azzarello's Hellblazer run...this issue just seemed to raise new questions and didn't answer them...and when this is the penultimate issue of your run. Well, I'm no expert, but I feel something is amiss there. I feel like maybe the arc should have ended an issue or two sooner because at this point it starts to feel like the story's going somewhere else. I think this issue is yet another fine example of the sadistic John that Azzarello created, who goes so far as to seduce a man just to break him, but without John as the main character, it becomes a story no longer about him and whereas this worked earlier in the arc when we still had questions about John, those were answered last issue and there was no longer anything to tease us with a second-to-last issue in an entire overarcing run on a title it failed...the run itself however was still one I'd recommend to Azzarello fans...I won't fault the entire thing for the ending. But again, Bloody Carnations > Ashes and Dust.

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