dbzmaster789's Hellblazer #171 - Ashes & Dust: In The City Of Angels, Part 2 review

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The Dark Corners Of L.A

Turro continues his interrogation of peggy as she describes the Fire inside of him. S.W Manor begins to see apparitions of john Constatine in his home and decides to boost up his security. Also the coroner discovers that john burned from the inside out and is stunted as to how it happend. Father Sean returns to S.W as he begins to tell his confession. 
This arc doesnt give Frusin the chance to show skills as much as Highwater did but of course he still does wonders especially with shadows. 
Favorite Quotes 
Peggy- Patience... 
John- Is a virtue I Dont Have Time For 
Gucardi- Frank from what I can tell, the fire started in his heart. 
S.W Manor- I have something to get off my chest. Bless, me father for I have Sinned... Oh How Ive Sinned 
The Arc continues to be less hten stellar but for 5 part arcs the first two parts are always a little slow. Azzarello still writes some damn good dialouge but all the characters dont have The John Constantine Flair. Not very high expectations for next issue but hopefully it will improve.

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