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The Devil's baby's Crib

This comic is out of place.  This was the second issue of what was supposed to be 6-self contained stories where Warren Ellis explores Horror humans make Verses Magick and the reality of it.  The Problem is that is was suppose to be later and Warren Ellis' "Shoot" story was suppose to be the original issue #141. 
This does effect the overall pacing of this progression of Magick in out Mundane lives.  Crib was written with the lessons of Locked and Shoot assumed absorbed into our minds and the concepts of Magick are making more sense.  Without the understand of magic, there is a good chance the reader will not get a lot out of this story and maybe confused by the ending.
The Alan Moore influence on Warren Ellis is shown in this issue.  Ellis does a great job of layering the story.  The pictures and text maybe saying two different things at times but it is their joined means that they share.  As mentioned above, if the reader is not familiar with Aleister Crowley's definition of magic as well as the application of Magic to writing, this comic likely will not have the impact is can have.
Tim Bradstreet is not just the cover artist on Hellblazer at the time, but he is also now the interior artist in this story.  Fun Fact: Tim Bradstreet used Photo reference of his Brother in Law as his John Constantine.

The Crib is symbolically the starting point of Ellis' lessons on magic.  As a writer, he tells us something and if that something is powerful enough, then it will change our view.  This is the real power of Magick. 
This is an advanced story, if you are an Ellis fan, I would skip this for now until you understand more about the "workings" or magic.  This issue is closest in the exploration of magick since issue #120.
- Silkcuts


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Posted By dbzmaster789

I just got the setting sun trade and man this issue rocks!! Bradstreet on interiors was an awesome idea.
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Posted By Silkcuts
@dbzmaster789 said:
" I just got the setting sun trade and man this issue rocks!! Bradstreet on interiors was an awesome idea. "
It was sad the Ellis' run was cut so short when these stand-alone stories really were going in a great direction.

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