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This review is made in honor of the recent Hellblazer #273 as a way of comparing the current era of the series to those of the past...this issue was chosen because it's exactly 150 issues from the current one, the review is short (and sweet I hope) as just a simple way to get the idea across and to compare to Hellblazer #273 which should have a review up soon (if not up already) by me. If you want a better picture of this issue in review form, or my thoughts on this era, I have reviewed in greater detail the previous issue and recommend you check it out as well:

As I said for the last issue, I feel Up the Down Staircase needed a different villain, First of the Fallen doesn't work for me in this arc because he's too...modern. I like him as a demon, a ruler of Hell, this is a case of taking the Hell out of Hellblazer IMO. I don't think every story necessarily needs to deal with demons, but this story tries to replace the old horror with a modern horror and you know, I just don't feel it works. And then all this "quiz" business with John Constantine, I never really got that part, maybe I missed something but it just seemed like a trivial part of the storyline...instead, what I enjoyed this issue was the side story that runs throughout the arc of two characters we've never met going over their relationship. It seems she is dead and he claims to love her and remember everything leading up to her death but when he tells her the story she pokes holes in it revealing maybe he never really loved her at's all very interesting, especially when you finish Jenkin's run and realize it was that side-story that was setting us up for Jenkin's final Hellblazer story. However, the current Hellblazer arc is also going with a two-story format and it comes out on top because both stories pull you in, rather then just the one.

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