Team » Hellbent appears in 33 issues.

    The resulting spawns of centuries of lesser-demons breeding.

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    Dark Oath

    The Hellbent seem to be the results of centuries of uncontrollable breeding between the species that existed when the Elder Gods rule the world. As time progress, they became more twisted forming several lesser groups among them the Hellbent Prime, Omega and Templar Knights. At this groups the Prime, were born to very powerful demons and fallen gods, while the Omega were genetically perfect along them to mascaraed as humans. The Templar Knights, as they called themselves were half-human and half-Hellbent capable of accessing the power of the Hellbent through their blood. The Templar Knight, started abusing their powers by killing the lesser Hellbent and locking the pure one in a cave, preventing them from diluting their blood. 

    Arcane Archives

    The Hellbent were unaware that they guarded the greatest secrets of the Order of the Templar Knight, that been all the secrets about life, death and magic of the Egyptian god Thoth.

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