Hellbat Suit

    Object » Hellbat Suit appears in 13 issues.

    Combat armor designed by Batman and built by the Justice League to handle large-scale threats in extreme battle scenarios.

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    Bruce Wayne designed the Hellbat armor for the purpose of being able to engage with large scale threats.

    The armor was built with the help of his teammates of the Justice League, who agreed to do it because they worried that he was the only human being among them.

    The armor was forged in the sun by Superman, and was built with the help of Green Lantern who was working on the wings that grants the Hellbat armor the ability of flight, The Flash who was testing the armor and shows that it can handle even Speed force, Cyborg who equipped the armor with advanced technology similar to his own but with voice command, with the help of Aquaman and Wonder Women contributing for a purpose Batman knows all to well about.

    The suit drains energy from Batman's metabolism and Batman could die if he use the Hellbat for a long duration. However Batman can remain in the suit for as long as he wants, as long as he can eject selected elements of the armor in order to prolong his life with in the Hellbat, such as the helmet and the gloves and other materials.


    • Shapeshifting nano-robotic cape which transforms and reshapes into any number of configurations via thought, enabling a host of uncanny special features
      • High-speed Flight
      • Construct Creation
      • Shielding
      • Blade Shifting
      • Swarm Dispersal/Culmination
    • Ability to transfer all power to the chest insignia port,the latter of which can be used to send out a powerful blast of energy
    • Enhanced Strength
    • Enhanced durability
    • Enhanced Speed
    • Cloaking Tech

    The armor is extremely durable and Batman was able to defeat Kalibak and and an army of Parademons with it.


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