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Hella was a super-villain in a involved with her partner the villain Hector Hunt who had given her a gem stone that endowed her with magical powers. During her criminal years she was responsible for the death of 86 people including Luke Medina the son of Antwon Medina. The relationship between her and Luke is unknown but his body was discovered stripped naked, posed like a statue, and with Hella's name signed on his bare chest. This is described by the media as typical for her and suggests a sociopathic disregard for human life.

It has not been explained how she met or began her relationship with Earth most powerful super-hero, Sovereign or why she broke up with Hector Hunt. After the break up Hector put a spell on her making her unable to tell anyone what she knows about him and he took back the stone, leaving her with only some residual magic. At the time Sovereign was in a relationship with Hayley Harper of G.B.C. News but began a relationship with Hella. Hella was presumably captured at some point but after Sovereign informed the US government he would withhold his super hero services they made a deal that she be released into his care. Hella changed her name to Helen Heart, moved in with sovereign, and was placed on probation under the observation of a top secret US government agency.


Helen 'Hella' Heart was created by Grace Randolph and originally drawn by Russell Dauterman for the series Supurbia and first appeared in volume 1 issue 1 March 2012.

Character Evolution

Helan's back tattoo
Helan's back tattoo

Helen is getting use to live as a homemaker and suburbia live in girlfriend of Earths most powerful superhero. She spends her time cleaning, doing laundry, and gardening. She has no patients for the neighborhood children and is not well accepted or trusted by the other spouses in the neighborhood. Hector Hunt observed that Helen is looking to sovereign to redeem her for her past but sovereign wants her dark side in order to fulfill his own darker desires.

Helen is a cocaine addict, cigarette smoker, and drinker. She has a full length back tattoo of a skull covered in red roses with a green snake above it surrounded by stars.

Major Story Arc

Supurbia Volume 1

It had been two years since Hella disappeared from the public eye when a robot army emerged from the East River and attacked the U.N. Building in New York forcing Meta Legion intervention. She was believed by the media to be dead or held at a top secret government facility. Her disappearance and connection to Sovereign was the subject of the book Heart Breaker by Sovereigns’ old girlfriend Hayley Harper. Possibly due to pressure from the other spouses of the Legionaries, or out of fear for her boyfriend’s safety, Helen contacted Hector and made a deal with him to save sovereign from the robot attack. As a result she became in debited to Hector.

Supurbia volume 2

Helen was discovered by Hayley Harper in the home of Sovereign they fought, she was knocked out, and taken Hayley’s office where she tied her up in an attempt to force a confession out of her. Helen used magic to get free and beat and was found by Sovereign after her fight with Hayley.


Helen is associated with the Meta Legion through her boy friend Sovereign. She is a somewhat apathetic member of the Meta Legion Think Tank a support element of the Legion organized by Eve White and made up of the spouses of the Legionaries who all live in the same suburban neighborhood. Helens assignment in the Think Tank is as super-villian consultant due to her close past relationship with many of the criminals and super-villians in her past.

Helen's closest friend is Alexis Fritsche, Alexis confided in her when she found out about her husband Paul’s relationship to his sidekick Gio. However Alexis accused Helen of listening in on her phone conversation and selling her out to Hector Hunt when she was attacked at a business lunch by assailants using Hunt type weapons. Eve White has been friendly to Helen and is politely, but strongly, pressuring her to participating in the think tank in support of the Meta Legion.

Helen's biggest enemy in the neighborhood is Tina Jenkins, the wife of the cosmic champion, she accused her of being involved in the East River robot attack on the UN and assaulted her demanding she 'call it off' Helen slapped Ruth Smith for suggesting they had a lot in common, not even knowing that Ruth was actually a shapeshifter working from the inside to destroy the Meta Legion.

Helen can communicate with Hector Hunt by smearing her blood on a mirror and reciting a spell "Vishu mordir cant vas" after doing this during the robot attack on the UN Hector is able to see her through any mirror she is near.


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