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Appearing only for a few moments at the stroke of mid-night is a web page that offers total revenge against one’s enemies.

Anyone who happens on the web site and posts a grudge, or describes how they hate someone, that person is dragged to Hell before dawn.

It is only latter that the person who brought this about finds that it was done by a girl known as Jigoku Shoujo, “Hell Girl,” and that the price for her taking your enemy to Hell is your soul, and in quick order, with enough time for the person placing the curse to know what’s coming of course, they them themselves are taken to Hell in an appropriately ironic manner.

Hell Girl is Ai Enma, a young woman who 400 years earlier was the sacrificial victim of a remote village.

Making a deal with a spider (secretly the God of Hell) she returned to life and took revenge on the whole village killing everyone in it.

After that she and her grandmother were punished by being exiled to the shores of Hell and placed in a piece of frozen time of eternal sunshine where she, with the use of an old computer, await for someone foolish enough to find and use her website.

Hell Girl appears to be a girl with pale skin and red eyes and wears a black school uniform, but always puts on a kimono with floral designs when delivering the vengeance of a client. She can wear either when delivering the cope de grace to the person who cursed the first person.

As Hell Girl Ai Enma has access to a number of powerful supernatural abilities.    
She is aided in her missions on Earth by three animated poppets, or straw dolls, the exact abilities and purpose of remain mysterious.      
Over the years Ai Enma has learned that she must feel nothing about the people she takes to Hell.


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