Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra

    Team » Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra appears in 44 issues.

    A secret society with many connections to events throughout Mike Mignola's inter-connected comicbook universe.

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    The Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra was a secret society dedicated to preserving ancient and secret knowledge.

    In 1728, Eugene Remy, an untalented French textile merchant, claimed to have visited a secret chamber under the Great Pyramid of Egypt. There he was met by a mysterious being known as Larzod, and learned the secret knowledge of Atlantis, Mu, and Lemuria. Remy's eccentric claims attracted a few intrigued persons. In 1729, Remy's rich patrons financed the Temple of Heliopolis which served as the base of the Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra, founded by Remy to preserve Larzod's secret teachings and pass on the secret wisdom to those worthy of receiving it.

    For centuries the Brotherhood expanded, and were often adversaries of Edward Grey, who made it his life's mission to take the Brotherhood down.

    Throughout its history, conflicts within the Brotherhood has lead to at least two offshoot societies: The Oannes Society and The Osiris Club.


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