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Helio was created by the villain Eclipso using energy from the Sun directed into a vat of chemicals.


Helio was created by Bob Haney and Jack Sparling. He made his first appearance in House of Secrets #76.

Major Story Arcs

Helio, the Sun Demon!

Helio accompanies his creator in a plot to take over the world. He aids Eclipso in stealing a military space platform, and evades capture when Eclipso is imprisoned by Bruce Gordon. Helio is able to rescue Eclipso from within Gordon and the pair attempt to put their plot into action. Confronted by Prince Ra-Man. Helio is destroyed when Ra-Man cuts him off from solar radiation.

Powers and Abilities

Created from the Sun, Helio has all the powers of the Sun, particularly those related to the generation of intense light and heat. He is also superhumanly strong and durable, and is capable of flight.


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