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    Helena was a store mannequin who Preston Payne fell in love with.

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    Helena was a wax-model created for The Father Knickerbocker Wax Museum. When Preston Payne took up residence there, he soon fell in love with the model and would often recount his tragic past to her. Helena was later destroyed in a fire, but a new wax-model version has since replaced her.


    Helena was created by legendary comic creators Len Wein and Marshall Rogers. She first appeared in Detective Comics #478 in which Preston Payne also debuted.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Coming of Clayface III/ If A Man be Made of Clay

    Preston Payne recounts his past and the story of how he became Clayface III to Helena over a candle-lit dinner in which he admits that she is the only thing that makes his life worth living. Later, the Wax Museum in which Helena and Preston lived is set on fire. Rushing in to save the wax-figure, Preston is presumed dead and Helena is destroyed.

    Mortal Clay

    Surviving the Wax Museum fire and finding shelter in a department store, Preston Payne comes across a mannequin whom he believes to be Helena. During one night, Helena is moved to the lingerie section of the store which causes Preston to believe she has a secret life hidden from him. After a nightwatchman steals a scarf from Helena's neck, Preston believes him to be Helena's secret lover. Preston later murders the guard and Batman becomes involved with Payne believing him to be another one of Helena's secret lovers. During a fight with the Dark Knight, Payne believes Helena is enjoying the fight which causes him to stop.

    Now in Arkham Asylum, Helena is kept in Payne's cell in order to keep him calm. Payne now believes his love with Helena to have ended and plans on waiting for the mannequin to die as according to him, she can't live forever...

    His Name is Clayface III

    Since Helena was destroyed in a fire, she has been replaced by a store-mannequin (Although Preston doesn't seem to notice the difference. Another indicator of him being insane). Whilst in Arkham Asylum, Preston has been given a cell with a TV-set and chairs which he shares with Helena. Although their relationship seems to have run dry as Payne sometimes shows annoyance towards Helena. Once again, he recounts his past to Helena who can only stare and smile.

    The Mudpack

    After thinking that his relationship with Helena has run dry, Preston claims to Helena that he wants a divorce. Saying that Helena is always ignoring him and giving him the cold-shoulder, Payne violently shakes her which causes her head to fall off. Thinking he has murdered her, Payne goes insane and escapes from Arkham Asylum.


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