Helena Sandsmark

    Character » Helena Sandsmark appears in 107 issues.

    The mother of Cassandra Sandsmark, the second Wonder Girl, Helena Sandsmark is an archaeologist who befriended Wonder Woman.

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    On a trip to California, Helena met a charming young man, who she later found out was the Greek God Zeus. The two had slept together and soon enough Helena was pregnant. She bore a girl who she named Cassandra (Wonder Girl). Although she had all the responsibilities of looking after a child she still managed to get a career in antiquities.

    As time went on Helena got a job in a museum, but she did not expect the havoc about to happen when her child was given powers by her birth father, Zeus. These powers were always putting her in danger. There was another thing about Cassie's powers that was an advantage of Helena's, she was allowed to give put Cassie's on hold by speaking one word. It was during this time that she became good friends with Diana, also known as Wonder Woman and has been a staunch ally of hers and her family. Over time Helena has loosened up and let Cassie become her very own hero. Cassie was never told who her father was but when she found out for herself, a void began grow between them but the two have began to forgive and forget so everything going well.

    Helena had a relationship with the demon Etrigan but she was only aware that he was a demon later in their relationship, this was a harsh blow to her confidence and trust in others.

    She is now on an expedition with Rani and Vijay in Pakistan.


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