Helen Heyer

    Character » Helen Heyer appears in 13 issues.

    Abusive and ambitious wife of party member and head of the Eye, Conrad Heyer.

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    Very little is known about Helen's origin. At some point she met and married Conrad Heyer, whom she was able to easily dominate and control as part of her desire for power.


    Helen was created by Alan Moore and David Lloyd. She made her first appearance in Warrior #6.

    Major Story Arcs

    V for Vendetta

    Working to place her ineffectual and weak-willed husband in the seat of Leader of the government, Helen establishes a connection with Alistair Harper, a Scottish gangster who works for the Finger. She easily convinces him to betray current head of the Finger, Peter Creedy, by promising to make Harper head of the Finger when Conrad takes over, and seals the deal by initiating a sexual relationship with him. Continuing to dominate her husband, she begins to aggressively push him to take advantage of the growing chaos in the government caused by the terrorist V, manoeuvring him to take over from Adam Susan when the Leader finally collapses. When the tape of her sexual liaison is leaked to Conrad he murders Harper, and is mortally wounded himself. Returning home after the fight, she finds Conrad, and her plans, bleeding out on the floor. Incensed and disgusted with him, she sets up a camera and television so he can watch himself die, and leaves. Later, trapped in the chaos of rioting in central London, she encounters and attempts to convince Eric Finch to help her seize control of the rudderless government. He abandons her, leaving her to the mercy of the drunken mob around her.

    Powers and Abilities

    Helen has no superhuman powers or abilities. She is very intelligent and a skilled manipulator.


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