Helen Claiborne

    Character » Helen Claiborne appears in 65 issues.

    Helen Claiborne is the daughter of Max Mercury

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    Stranded in the late 1940’s Max Mercury saves Manchester, Alabama from Dr. Morlo’s mustard gas attack. He faints in front of Dr. David Claibourne who takes him to his house. There he and his wife Laura take care of Max as he recoups from the attack.

    After nine weeks, Max finally wakes up. While Max regains his strength, he and Laura spend a lot of time together while David makes house calls. With each passing day, Laura and Max grow closer and closer until they begin an illicit affair. David soon discovers them and Max runs away, trying to join with the speed force.

    In the meantime, Laura discovers that she is pregnant with Max’s child. David leaves Laura soon after Helen is born. Helen is raised by her mother who never remarries. It is hinted at that Laura was still in love with Max.

    Years later Max Mercury relocates to Manchester with his ward, Bart Allen. Helen, the town's dentist, and Max become friends, but Helen’s flirting suggests that she wants to be more. After a drunken visit from her ex-husband, Max reveals that he is actually Helen’s father. Their father/daughter relationship starts off terribly, but slowly it improves until they have a nearly normal relationship.

    After Bart returns from the future, he, Helen and Max move in together and she helps raise Bart. Soon she begins dating Matt Ringer,  the father of one of Bart’s friends. Everything seems great, but after Max disappears, it is decided that Bart should move in with Jay and Joan Garrick. Helen hasn’t been seen since then.


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