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Stray Dogs Howling in the Dark

When Heine's story began he was walking through the city on another one of his night walks in search of "the Underground", in hopes of finding answers to his past. By chance Heine came across the mute Nil who was being roughed by her pimps. At first Heine was going to walk away but when he discovered that she was a genetic mutant like him Heine intervened and rescued her. At first Heine couldn't get any information out of her as Nil couldn't speak. Heine went to talk about how he was like her, feeling a kindred spirit in Heine Nil tried to touch him to comfort him, but instead sent Heine into a hysterical fit due to his gynophobia. Soon after Nil's pimps came back and seemingly shot Heine to death, but thanks to the Kerberos implants Heine recovered, healed, and set out to get Nil back and pay the pimps back. After conscripting his sometimes partner Badou into helping him, Heine stormed the pimp's compound. The pimp tried to kill him but failed and Heine instead killed him. After everything was settled Heine left Nil in the care of Bishop (though more to Bishop's insistence and much to Heine's disapproval due to Bishop's lolita fetish) and there Bishop and Heine discovered that Heine was beginning to recover from his gynophobia as he was able to stay around Nil. Heine left once again on his search for "the Underground" and came into contact with Giovanni who promised him there was more to come. Heine's response was, "Fuck up gentlemen."

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