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    Hector is a former member of the Pantheon, he is a descendant of Agamemnon and thus inherited an extended life. After the Hulk joins the Pantheon, Hector and Ulysses are usually paired up with him on missions. They all travel to Las Vegas along with Paris to look into the murder of Hulk's old boss Michael Berengetti, when they get there they team up with the Punisher to take down his killer. During the Troyjan War arc Hector is taken prisoner along with fellow Pantheon members Ulysses and Cassiopea , and later freed by Achilles. Around this time Hector gets fed up with Ulysses always busting his chops and making jokes about being gay and starts to be more hostile towards him. While searching for the wandering Agamemnon, Jason the Renegade tries to kill Hector but Ulysses takes the bullet and barely survives. When Hector asks why he risked his life to save him he replies that he is like a brother to him and his jokes aren't meant to be taken seriously. After Agamemnon's betrayal is exposed and the Mount is destroyed Hector is one of the members who leaves the Pantheon, but both he and Cassiopea later return.

    Hector is gay but despite that Cassiopea is always flirting with him. His primary weapon is an energy flail. 


    Hector was created by Peter David and Dale Keown in 1991 and first appeared in The Incredible Hulk # 379.

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