Hector Hammond

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    Genius who evolved himself into a man of the future with a meteor's power. His futuristic brain grants him many powers that make him a very dangerous foe to Green Lantern.

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    Hector Hammond was created by John Broome and Gil Kane in 1961. He first appeared in Green Lantern #5.

    Character Evolution

    Hector Hammond was originally an easy-to-beat villain, but after more exposure to the meteor that gave him his power he became a substantially threat to not Hal Jordan, but the entire Justice League of America. After being experimented on by the Gremlins he has regained the ability to speak vocally (which he had lost due to the meteors effects). He has recently been possessed by the entity of Avarice, Ophidian.

    Major Story Arcs

    Silver Age

    The Power Ring that Vanished

    For more info see: Green Lantern #5

    Hammond is a petty criminal on the run from the law when he discovers the fragments of a strange meteor in the woods. Observing that radiation from the meteor has caused the nearby plants to evolve rapidly, Hammond decides to kidnap four scientists and expose them to the meteor on a remote island. The radiation causes their intellects to evolve, but also has the side effect of sapping their wills. Hammond is able to force the scientists to use their heightened intellect to create amazing new inventions, which Hammond sells for his own profit.

    Hammond rapidly becomes a celebrity due to the wealth he has acquired. Green Lantern, Hal Jordan asks Thomas Kalmaku, to take on the role of the Green Lantern while Jordan investigates this new celebrity. Jordan creates a duplicate power ring and costume for Kalmaku to fool Hammond, and has him to fly above Coast City so it would be thought Green Lantern was there. The four scientists tried to use a device to bring this Green Lantern to them, but the ring was first pulled off his finger and fell on the island, where Hammond found it. Unaware of the impersonation, Hammond steals his ring and turns Kalmaku into a chimpanzee. Jordan confronts Hammond personally in a battle of power rings that ends only when the charge of Hammond's ring runs out, allowing Jordan to capture him and restore Kalmaku and the scientists. He removed the scientist's memory of their knowledge, and got rid of the inventions as well, feeling humanity should advance more steadily before getting such advanced tech.

    Menace of the Atom Bomb

    For more information see: The Menace of the Atom Bomb

    Mister Memory outfits the Hector, and other super-villains with his "De-Memorizer". The Green Lantern battles against Hector Hammond. Unable to defeat the Green Lantern using his own powers, Hammond resorts to using the de-memorizer. The Green Lantern's memories are erased. Hammond turns the Green Lantern over to Mister Memory.

    Master of the Power Ring

    Hammond takes control of the Power Ring, until Hal is able to free his mind and stop Hammond once again.


    For more information see: Green Lantern #25

    Hammond trick Green Lantern into thinking he has deadened the parts of Hal's mind that give him his super powers. Hector uses this time to escape prison by taking control of a prison guard who carries him out. Hector also set frees Sonar, in a plan to get back at the Green Lantern.

    Once free Hammond uses his power to fake a battle in Hal's mind between Sonar and the Green Lantern. Hector does this in an effort to learn more about the Green Lantern, his fighting strategy and to see how he would win a battle. In this subconscious planned scenario the Green Lantern loses his ring to sonar in a battle, Sonar also loses his stun gun. The Green Lantern then shoots Sonar and takes his ring back.

    Then after dealing with Sonar, Green Lantern arrests Hammond once again.

    Death to Green Lantern

    For more information see: Green Lantern #64

    Acting as the Boss of "Silver" Skates, "Torchy" Thomas, "Frankley" Steiner, and "Natty" Nick Natwick, Hector Hammond laces a swimming pool with a certain subtle radiation that takes control of Green Lantern's mind, causing the hero to act vain. This causes the Green Lantern to loose his Power Ring and later get arrested.

    Getting arrested brings the Green Lantern to the State Penitentiary where he is put into a cell next to Hammond. Hector then tells Green Lantern that is the reason the Lantern's life has gone down hill, and that Green Lantern is now trapped next to him so he can torture him to death mentally. Hector tortures Green Lantern until some hippies post Green Lantern's bail and he is free to go leaving Hector weakened and again trapped in his cell.

    Tales of the Green Lantern Corps

    For more information see: Tales of the Green Lantern Corps

    Hector is seen as one of the foes Hal Jordan has battled in a flashback

    Where there's a Will

    For more information see: Green Lantern Corps Quarterly #2

    Hector is watch news reels of the Original Green Lantern of Earth, Alan Scott, and notices that Doiby Dickles is always nearby, so he concocts a plan. Later, Alan is watching the news when he sees Doiby is dead. Alan doesn't believe the news when its ruled a accident so he dons his ring and flies to the morgue.

    At the morgue he sees Doiby's dead body, but when he touches it he is teleported away into a white space. There he is approached by Hector who informs Alan he has been trapped inside Hector's mind. Hector tells him about how he is now in control of Alan's mind and the pair go into a battle of wills.

    Alan is able to defeat Hector, by tricking him into thinking he is weaken and then turning up his will power. Alan escapes and returns to his body and sees the corpse of Doiby has changed into a unconscious Hector Hammond. Later Alan explains to his family that Hector used his mind control to make the corner and Alan see his body has that of Doiby in a way to trick Alan nearby.

    Secret Origin

    When Hector Hammond first appeared, he was a normal, but genius, man who became an astrophysicist and specialized in alternative fuel sources. He utilized his expertise as a theoretical science consultant for Ferris Aircraft and the United States Air Force . Hector eventually grew to have a crush on Carol Ferris, although this feeling wasn't mutual as Carol doesn't date the employees. When Abin Sur 's ship crashed, Hector was notified to investigate the incident. Hector sent a unit led by Jonathan Stone to recover anything significant from the crash site.

    Hector’s crew was put in charge of opening the ship's fuel chambers while he had a discussion with Carol. Hector became infuriated by Carol’s lack of affection towards him and when his crew informed him that they couldn’t open the chamber, Hector decided to take the initiative. Hector’s anger clouded his sense of caution and when he opened the fuel chamber abruptly, he got a face full of radiation. Hector is immediately taken to the infirmary for examination and recuperation.

    After a few hours had passed, Hector begins to realize he can telepathically hear other peoples’ thoughts. Like people ridiculing him for his lack of safety when it came to Abin’s ship. Hector figures that the meteorite fuel core of Abin’s ship must have exposed him to radiation which can not only expand the human mind’s potential but it can also enhance his evolution. However, Hector’s train of thought was disturbed by an overwhelming rush of thoughts from several people at the base. This agitated Hector to the point where he killed six men with his new found power: telekinesis.

    Afterwards, Hammond left the infirmary to show off his new powers to Carol but instead he finds her with Hal Jordan . Hector retaliates by using his telekinesis to torture Carol and Hal. Unfortunately, Hector peers into Hal’s mind and discovers that Hal is the Green Lantern. Hector decides to kill Hal because the Green Lantern poses a threat for Hector’s future intentions. Hector telepathically throws a jet fighter at Hal but his concentration is broken by Sinestro .

    Sinestro used his ring to form an air tight bubble around Hector’s head thereby cutting off his air supply. Hal asked Sinestro not to suffocate Hector but instead show him mercy. Sinestro humbly agrees with Jordan’s request. Hector’s brain was temporarily shut down with the lack of air to his lungs. The government eventually gets involved and places a neural barrier on Hammond in order to suppress his abilities while at the same time analyze his brain activity. Hector was kept at Hangar 44 at Edwards Air Force Base until he could be moved to a secured facility at Belle Reve.

    When Hammond was being transferred to Belle Reve, he managed to surpass the neural barrier and gain control of four scientists who were observing him. Hammond fell under the delusion that if he could use the scientists’ collective knowledge to develop technology for the future then his notoriety would gain the attention of Carol Ferris. Fortunately, Hal was watching Hector’s transit carrier and jumped into action. Hector’s telepathic abilities seemed almost relentless. At one point during the fight, one of the mind controlled scientists steals Hal’s power ring and gives it to Hector. Hector tries to use it but the ring only recognizes Hal as its bearer so the energy discharge from the ring backfires on Hammond thus knocking him out for the remainder of the transfer.

    During his time at Belle Reve, Hammond managed to tap into certain areas of his brain that no other human could. Hammond discovered a peculiar method of telepathy that would enable him to become immortal in the sense he can’t die from any natural death like getting sick or having an aneurysm. Unfortunately, when Hector began to stretch the boundaries of the human mind, his head grew in size and his body became immobile as well as insufficient for physical support. Hammond lost control over all his muscles including his vocal cords which meant he could only speak through telepathy.

    The Gremlins

    Hector Hammond re-entered Hal Jordan's life when Krolotean Gremlins came to Earth to look in on certain subjects of their experimentation. Hammond, locked away in Belle Reve Prison in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana, requested an audience with Jordan after the discovery of a human that had been evolved 50,000 years down the evolutionary ladder. Hector would not consent to share the info he had until Hal agreed to share a memory of a girl and a good time since Hammond was always locked away. Jordan agreed and, after trying to see more memories only to be stopped, Hammond shared what info he had.

    Though Hammond did not know that the Gremlins were called, he stated they were the ones responsible. He also stated they were responsible for the meteor which caused his evolution. Hammond revealed that they the Gremlins were currently in Coast City checking on their other experiment.

    Coast City Beach was attacked by the Shark, a tiger shark which had been evolved into a humanoid being with shark instincts. Jordan investigated the attack and wondered if the Shark was that other experiment mentioned by Hammond. However, at the same time as Hal Jordan was fighting the Shark, the Gremlins attacked an airliner on which was carrying William Hand and abducted him. The Gremlins then visited Hector Hammond and abducted him from Belle Reve Prison.

    The Gremlins experimented on William Hand before releasing him in Palmdale, California where Hand discovered his new found ability to sense death and siphon life-force energy. Back at Coast City Beach, as Hal Jordan continued his battle with the Shark, Jordan came across the Gremlins' spaceship and the two were captured. Inside, Jordan found Hector Hammond in the midst of being experimented on but Hammond was able to converse with Hal telepathically and explain the Gremlins' plan to sell him and the Shark as living weapons in an intergalactic war.

    Hammond, in tears, uses his mental powers to try and force Hal Jordan to share the same memory of a girl and a good time again when William Hand, dressed as Black Hand enters the ship and attacks Green Lantern. With the Gremlins looking on, Black Hand advances with his attack with Hammond digging through Jordan's memories until Jordan knocks him out with his ring.

    Jordan then goes on to fight the Shark who escapes due to the continued attack from Black Hand. Jordan does finally defeat Hand who, along with Hammond, are placed in captivity in Hangar 44. However, telepathically reminiscing with a dismembered Manhunter, the crazed Hammond reveals the Gremlins had further experimented on him and Hammond is shown speaking vocally, instead of mentally.

    Green Lantern: Secret Origin

    During the Secret Origin story arc Hector's previous origin is retconned. Now Hector Hammond is said to be an astrophysicist specializing in alternative fuel sources and a theoretical science consultant for Ferris Aircraft and the United States Air Force. He had a strong crush on Carol Ferris, although this feeling wasn't mutual as Carol doesn't date the employees.

    Hector was in charge of a unit sent by Jonathan Stone to investigate crash site of Abin Sur's ship. During the opening of ship's fuel chambers he was exposed to the meteorite core of the fuel. After exposure Hector suddenly discovered that he is able to "hear" thoughts of other workers who weren't thinking good of him. It resulted in killing six of them using his newfound power of telekinesis.

    After this incident Hammond returned to Ferris Aircraft hangar where he contacted Carol and Hal telepathically. He read their minds learning in process that Hal Jordan is the Green Lantern. He also tried to kill them both by telekinetically throwing a plane at them but was stopped by Sinestro who quickly incapacitated him with the help of the green power ring by removing the air supply from his lungs which caused his brain to shut down.

    Hector's later shown to be kept at Hangar 44 at Edwards Air Force Base. He's secluded in giant metal box with sensors attached to his head analyzing his brain activity. These precautionary measures prevent him from entering and interacting with other people's minds.

    Brightest Day

    A strange force (revealed to be Krona) speaking telepathically, helps Hammond escape from Belle Reve. Krona tells Hammond to pursue Ophidian, the Orange entity. Hammond finds and attacks Larfleeze and despite Hal Jordan's help, Hammond manages to swallow Larfleeze's power battery, and becomes its host (similar to how Parallax took over Hal Jordan). It is also implied that Ophidian dislikes Larfleeze because Agent Orange was the only individual capable of resisting Ophidian's temptations. Ophidian (Hammond) tries to eat Larfleeze in order to prevent any chance of Larfleeze gaining control of the Orange Lantern again but Larfleeze is saved by Hal. Soon after, Hammond's desires for Carol Ferris began to counter Ophidian's hold over him.

    Unfortunately, for Hammond, Ophidian supplanted Hammond's love for Carol and tainted it with lust. Lust being the catalyst for avarice and greed. Ophidian (Hammond) made his way to Krona and helped him pinpoint the exact location of the Butcher. Krona and Ophidian (Hammond) returned to Ryut with the Butcher in order to purge the universe of any emotion entities. Krona separated Hammond from Ophidian and trapped Hector in the Book of the Black along with Larfleeze. As for Ophidian, he was left without a host and was used to launch Krona's attack on Oa. Ophidian was forced to take possession of a Guardian of the Universe.

    NEW 52


    Hal Jordan and Superman team up to stop Hector's lastest plot

    Darkstars Rising

    Hector joins Hal Jordan to stop the Darkstars from destroying the Green Lantern Corps.

    Alternate Versions

    Doomdays Clock

    Hector is one of the villains seen at the Riddler's gathering of villains in Gotham who are debating joining Black Adam.

    In Other Media


    Peter Sarsgaard As Hector Hammond
    Peter Sarsgaard As Hector Hammond

    Hector Hammond appears in the 2011 live action Green Lantern movie where he is played by Peter Sarsgaard.

    In the film, Hector Hammond is a genius xenobiologist who works as a biology teacher. He gets a chance to perform an autopsy on Abin Sur's dead body, but only because of his father's influence, Robert Hammond, who is U.S. Senator. During the autopsy Hector gets infected by quantum of Parallax's residual energy which slowly started to inbue his cells with yellow energy and gave him powers of telepathy, telekinesis and psychometry. However, this process also disfugured him and drove him insane.

    During the Ferris Aircraft party he attempted to kill his father by using his telekinetic abilities, but was unsuccessful due to Hal Jordan's intervention. Next day, Hector is once again summoned by secret government organization. Amanda Waller and others claim that they know what happened to him and able to fix this condition. Instead of subduing, he breaks free of restraints that held him and starts to wreak havoc at the facility. Hal Jordan breaks in and tries to stop him but Hector overwhelms him and eventually kills his father. During this encounter he also learns Green Lantern's secret identity.

    Later, Hal confronts Hector again who is now holding Carol Ferris captive in unconscious state. He threatens Jordan that he will inject her with the same substance which gave him his powers. Instead, Hal offers him the green power ring which Hector gladly takes. He tries to kill Hal with its energy but can't due to the fact that Hector isn't worthy for the ring. In this moment Parallax finally arrives to Earth and consumes Hector's lifeforce leaving his lifeless body behind.

    Action Figure

    Action Figure
    Action Figure

    An action figure was made based on the film, Green Lantern. It was a 6" figure that came with a Collect and Connect piece to create a gigantic figure of the villain, Parallax.


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