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Silver Scarab
Silver Scarab

Hector Hall was born in Cairo, Egypt, while his parents, Carter and Shiera Hall, were on an archaeological expedition. Hector felt neglected as he grew up, even though his mother had retired from crime-fighting. Carter would continue to battle villains as Hawkman, and he and Shiera would often go on expeditions, leaving Hector with babysitters. Although they did not know it the curse Hath-Set placed on them also affected any child born to either one of them. Because of the curse placed on his parents Hector was born with no soul, meant to be a vessel of the Silver Scarab to act as an agent of vengeance for the villainous Hath-Set. As a child of former JSA members Hector grew up knowing the many children of the Justice Society including Al Rothstein (Godchild of the original Atom, Al Pratt) who would become the Atom-Smasher, Lyta Trevor (daughter of the original Fury), and Rick Tyler son of Rex Tyler, the original Hourman.

When Hector's parents took him to the hidden city of Feithera, home of the winged bird people to visit their god-son, Norda (Northwind), Hector was unhappy, because he could not fly with his parents as Norda could.

Hector went to UCLA and there he began building the armored suit he would eventually wear as the Silver Scarab. Meeting up with his childhood friend, Lyta Trevor, at UCLA the two began dating, and one night Hector showed her his Silver Scarab costume. The armor was made of Nth metal, the element which allows the various Hawks to fly.


Hector Hall was created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Jerry Ordway, first appearing in All-Star Squadron #25 (Sept 1983).

Major Story Arcs

Infinity, Inc.

Coincidentally, Lyta, daughter of the Golden-Age Fury, longed to become the new Amazon Princess. That night, they asked their parents to sponsor them for membership into the Justice Society. Along with Northwind and Nuklon, they were turned down due to their inexperience.

Unperturbed, they formed a new heroic group - Infinity Inc. Hector and Lyta were eventually engaged to be wed but Hector would soon die after being possessed by Hath-Set, an enemy of his father's. Hector died when Northwind prevented the coming of a prophecy which involved Hector merging with the Eye of Ra and destroying the world.

Death and the Sandman

The Sandman visits Lyta
The Sandman visits Lyta

While Dream had been imprisoned, his minions Brute and Glob has sought control of The Dreaming. They pulled in mortal humans to act as Dream which they could then manipulate for their own purposes. The first of these was Dr. Garret Sanford, who became known as The Sandman. Sanford had been driven insane and died, Hector was then pulled into the Dreamstream to take his place as the new Sandman. After his death, Lyta learned she was pregnant with Hector's child. In death, Hector would visit Lyta in her dreams. Lyta joined Hector in the Dreaming even though their unborn child stopped growing. In time, however, the real dream king, Morpheus, returned and took back the mantle of Sandman, dispatching Hector's spirit and returning Lyta to Earth where she gave birth to a son, Daniel Hall, who would eventually take Morpheus' place as Dream of the Endless.

Doctor Fate

Dr. Fate
Dr. Fate

Hector would later be reincarnated as Doctor Fate and serve as a member of the Justice Society of America. It was discovered that Lyta had been imprisoned within Fate's amulet and the two were reunited once she was freed. However, happiness was not to last for the unlucky couple. When the Spectre turned on the world's magic users, he banished the couple to a frozen mountain. Before they died, Dream appeared to them and offered to take them into the Dreaming, though they could never return to Earth. Hector and Lyta accepted and are now together forever.

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