Character » Hecat'e appears in 43 issues.

    Mutant from Bishop's future timeline and commanding officier of the X.S.E.

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    Brief History

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    Hecat'e is descendant from Lenore Wilkinson. In the future an old man named Scott Summers is still alive and has banded together a small group of humans & mutants that are fighting a world that hates mutants. The group is called The Summer's Rebellion Among them is a young woman only known by the name Hecat'e. Another member named Butterfly, used a machine to teleport Madrox from the 21st century, to the future. Shortly after being brought here, they were joined by Ruby Summers and were attacked by some sentinels. Hecat'e, Daemon, and Cyclops saved them. The then all escaped to Atlantic City. While there Cyclops told Madrox that during the rescue mission they lost a link on Hecat'e for just a brief moment.

    Later the team seek the help of Doctor Doom. Once they get him back to their base they are attacked by sentinels and the villain Cortex. During this fight Hecat'e helps distract Cortex while Linquon gets Madrox to Salve. Madrox and Layla soon leave this time and sometime soon, the member of the group, named Daemon decides that he will lead a group of mutants that want more, called the Exhumes. Hecat'e seemed to kept the dream of Scott Summer's going and she was the founder of the X.S.E (Xavier Security Enforcers)

    Powers and Abilities

    Hecat'e is a mutant with the ability to create intense, localized darkness to those in her general vicinity.


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