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 Heavy Metal
 Heavy Metal
The Super Adaptoid created the team Heavy Metal after he adapted the appearance and abilities of the Fixer and Mentallo. The team consisted of TESS One, Kree Sentry 459, Machine Man and Awesome Android. The Adaptoid reactivated and took control of these robots to attack the Avengers. The Adaptoid persuaded Machine Man to join his group and promised him to bring back his love Jocasta in return for his services. Both Adaptoid and Machine Man were able to locate Sentry 459 after its battle with Captain Marvel and repair him. Then the three robots defeated the Black Knight and Doctor Druid in battle in order to retrieve TESS One. 

The Adaptoid sent his robotic servants to attack the Avengers headquarters. They met resistance from various Avengers including Stingray, She Hulk, Namor and his wife Marrina. The Adaptoid infiltrated the Avenger's communication complex and used a hyperspace transmitter to send a beacon to the wielder of the cosmic cube. The rest of the Avengers manage to defeat TESS One, Sentry 459 and Awesome Android.  Meanwhile Machine Man saw the error in his ways and rebelled against the Adaptoid's cause. Machine Man and Stinray confronted the Adaptoid but was easily defeated in battle. Soon after, the being known as  Kubik appeared and the Adaptoid was able to replicate his cosmic might. The Adaptoid was eventually defeated by Captain America and the Avengers. The team Heavy Metal has not been seen since.


Heavy Metal was created by Ralph Macchio and Sal Buscema in 1988 and first appeared in The Avengers # 288.

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